“With the fifth pick in the NBA draft, the Phoenix Suns Select….”

Alex Len, the fifth pick in the NBA draft, selected by the Phoenix Suns

Yesterday was Draft Day.  Draft Day is so interesting to me; your team can acquire its franchise player for the next decade or your team can screw itself into oblivion in the blink of an eye.  There are blockbuster trades, money saving trades, future trades, teams drafting for each other.  It’s absolutely great and absolutely terrifying.  Unfortunately for a Phoenix Suns fan, it usually falls under the terrifying part of the spectrum.  I honestly cannot remember that last time I felt good about the Suns after draft night. Naturally, I was nervous all day yesterday.  It stressful and hectic, with lots of ups and downs.  Let me break it down for you.

8:00 AM: “Feeling good about this draft.  I think we’ll end up with Oladipo or McLemore!”

8:15 AM:

“Oh my god! We could end up with Nerlens Noel! This is a dream come true!”

8:43 AM: “There’s no way CLE skips on Nerlens Noel. He’s a perfect fit for their team and he’s exactly the type of player they’ve drafted the past few years.  Oh well. OLADIPO!!!!”

10:36 AM: “But what if the draft ends up being 1. Noel 2. Oladipo 3. Porter 4. McLemore ??? I guess Bennett would be a good pick for us!”

10:57 AM: “Wait. What if we end up taking Alex Len? Please, god, no.”

11:31 AM:

11:33 AM:

12:09 PM:

12:15 PM:

2:54 PM:


3:33 PM:

4:02 PM: “I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen tonight.”

4:36 PM: *Cleveland shocks the basketball world by taking Anthony Bennett with the number one pick*


4:49 PM: *Orlando has selected Oladipo, Washington has selected Porter, and Charlotte has stupidly selected Zeller*

“We’re set!!!!”

4:53 PM: “What if we like totally screwed up and took Len? Haha, even the Suns aren’t that dumb. We got McDonough. We’re set.”

4:54 PM: “Oh my god, what if?!?!?!?!”

4:56 PM:

5:06 PM: *With the fifth pick in the draft, the Phoenix Suns select Alex Len* 

5:08 PM:

5:11 PM:

5:33 PM: *Paul Coro reports the Suns turned down an opportunity to trade for Jrue Holiday* 

5:45 PM: “ANDREW WIGGINS 2014!!!!!!!!”

It was a pretty rough day for me.  I never in a million years thought Noel would drop to us and we take Alex Len over him??!?!! He was the projected number one! He has so much more upside! You can build around that guy! He’s automatically your best defensive player and your anchor for the next five years! He was perfect for the Suns.  At the very least take McLemore!

I just can’t get behind Alex Len.  He’s a got a better post game than Noel AND THAT’S IT.  He’s not as athletic, doesn’t have as high a ceiling, not as good a rebounder, and not nearly the defender Noel is.  Why is everyone suddenly calling Len a rim protector?  He averaged 2.1 blocks (to Noels 4.4 blocks!!!!), which looks good until you realize HE’S 7’1. Shouldn’t a 7’1 sophomore be averaging more in college?!  Also, .2 steals to Noel’s 2.1 steals.  Noel, at 7 foot, averages as many steals as Len does blocks, NOT TO MENTION THE 4.4 BLOCKS.  The analytics will show he is vastly overrated.

Len has a decent offensive game, but honestly, what’s the best case scenario for this guy? I just see Jonas Valanciunas.  I just don’t think he has the talent or athleticism to be a Brook Lopez or Al Horford.  He just looks sluggish coming down the court. I just don’t understand it. I hate the pick so much and it’s such a typical Phoenix Suns pick.  I was really hoping Ryan McDonough would change things for us. And then the decline of the Jrue Holiday trade? Any time you have the chance to take Alex Len over the projected number one AND decline a Jrue Holiday trade that would have redeemed the Suns for the 2009 draft, you have to do it….right? Why, McDonough, why?! You were the chosen one! You were supposed to end the bad drafts, not join them! Bring balance to the Suns, not leave them in darkness! 

I do, however, like the Archie Goodwin pick.  I see a lot of potential there, although I’m not sure why the Suns are insisting on making him a point guard.  This is the only silver lining of the draft for the Suns.

And look, for the record, I hope I’m wrong. McDonough is supposed to be a smart guy and I have to think he knows what he’s doing here. Hopefully, he knows something I don’t.  And I hope Alex Len proves me wrong.  And maybe he will, but I just don’t see him having a better career than Noel.

Oh well.  The Suns have at least set up 2014 for a great tanking year and we can start looking at the 2014 draft.  I’d get excited about the prospect of getting Andrew Wiggins, but I’m sure the Suns will find a way to screw that up to.

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